It's no secret that the iconic motorcycle brand has been moving in a new direction. A great bike for him yes, but utterly impractical for someone like me. My spin on adventure riding is multi-day camping rides through remote places full of challenges, river crossings, hill climbs and similar gnarly things that make the GS1200 far far too big for me to consider.

Sign up now and get the ORRO newsletter for the latest news, information and offers on our game-changing road bikes. There are a number of things to consider when selecting not just a suitable adventure bike, but an adventure bike that is suitable for you and your style of riding.

Riders depart from Middlecreek Campground Saturday AM for Gray Pines Group Campground, Stonyford. I still love riding KLR's even after riding adventure bikes for many years. The point from these two scenarios is that the term adventure riding” can mean totally different things from one rider to the next.

Ground clearance has also been raised, with the Adventure Sports offering 20mm more than the base model, and longer travel suspension has also been fitted. This list begins with more street oriented bikes for riders that intend to ride primarily on pavement.

While the Ducati Multistrada might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you're trying to think of potential adventure motorcycles, it's time to change that mindset. But if you want to get serious with off-road riding, add the Rally Raid kit to the CB500X and it completely transforms the bike into something much more capable in the dirt.

If the seat height of a potential bike is far too high for you (eg 4 inches or more) it may be a case of that bike not being suitable as there is a limit to the amount some bikes can be lowered before the suspension is affected to the point it becomes a pig.

The Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin never fails to stir up excitement amongst adventure riders, and when the manufacturer chose to revive the iconic Dakar inspired bike in 2016 it's safe to say that the adventure community was eager with anticipation to see how Honda could modernise the legendary Africa Twin.

It has a very smooth-running v-twin engine and it can also handle some basic dirt roads. The opportunity to hang out with a bunch of riders around the campfire in the evening, discussing the ride experience from the day, is a great ending before heading to bed.

The idea of the bigger tyres and relaxed geometry that promotes extra comfort when the going gets rough and bumpy is very attractive given the generally poor state of repair of UK roads. We built it from scratch, drawing on many life times of riding, from 10 years moto of experience in our shops.

Finally, owners add street-legal equipment to off-road bikes. Secondly, the suspension on the Triumph is a notorious problem and plenty of reviewers have had a hard time with it - and adventure bike suspension is a fairly crucial thing. And it's this stripped down nature that really makes the Africa Twin on of the greatest adventure motorcycles ever made.

Some manufacturers add street-legal equipment to existing off-road motorcycles. Middleweights are most at home on smooth trails, graded dirt roads and pavement. A KTM 690 Engine in a 640 adventure chassis wityh suspension Tank and fairing to suit. These exciting improvements include; full-colour angle adjustable TFT instruments, up to six riding modes (including off-road pro), new ergonomic backlit switchcubes, distinctive signature all-LED lighting and updated cruise control.

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